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MHUDI is an Italian brand that was founded in 2013 and is emerging thanks to a formula that has proved successful: keep the philosophy of the small to the great goals focusing on research and enhancing the know-how, culture and crafts that Italy still boasts in the world.

Since the beginning of the project, the designer and founder Francesca Passeri promotes one of the founding values of Mhudi, the “made in Italy” manufacture and fabric quality. MHUDI Fashion enthusiast, retail architect and visual planner, she creates recovering tissues belonged to her grandfather, an entrepreneur and collector of batik fabrics imported from Africa in the 1960s.

For that reason, she called the brand MHUDI - an African name – with the aim to focus on her origins. She is an outsider, always believing that success is to promote brand’s philosophy on a selected network of stores. In order to give the right visibility to her capsule, she designs each item with exclusive skills of "made in Italy".

Brand philosophy is inspired by a sense of great craftsmanship and meticulous attention to the combination of fabrics and details. The soul of the product and brand identity have to be found in a particular hat - unique and reversible designed with a turban shape, one of the most cosmopolitan and ethnic headgear in the world.

This is an ambitious project for the designer which is translated in raw materials, manufacturing and research. Pay attention to style and current trends, MHUDI has the goal of creating unconventional accessory hat capsules, managing a distinctive uniqueness.

From the early collections “vintage” is the main source of inspiration for the designer who turns her passion into strong signs that make recognizable her creativity.

First of all the melting pot of prints and stylistic languages give an unforgettable taste of both old and contemporary style emerging in all her hat creations.

Capsules are based on fashion designer’s lifestyle, thinking of a dreaming woman with a romantic soul and timeless elegance.

Actually MHUDI turban capsules are sold in some of the best shops in Italy and in the world. In each fashion retail store MHUDI promotes its versatility, with a mixage pack of turbans and headbands, all unique and different. “Craftsmanship imperfections” make MHUDI unique.

Designer signature is written by hand on each masterpiece turban, different one from each other and called with a female name.

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