Wild Inga

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Wild Inga

 It all started with a little bit of genes and a whole lot of passion. With a grandfather owning a small workshop bags, it wasn’t surprising for Mihaela Titirisca to inherit the passion to create beautiful accessories. 

After 13 years she handled the family business in transports she decided is time to follow her passion. The beginning for Mihaela was made in May 2015 with the first collection of handmade bags. So she took the first step on the path that led her to what was always her destination. In July 2017 she had a first collection in a fashion show Gala Avanpremiere. A year later she is participating to a contest at Milano “Feel your Rolling Bag“ and her creation is selected from another  200  as a finalist . Her creations appeared in Rolling Stone Magazine Italy and have been displayed at La Rinascente window. 

Many influent personalities from the fashion world, from art and many celebrities has been seen wearing his pieces. The collection has been selected by some of the most exclusive retailers worldwide. 

The designer magnifies feminity working with fine textures of leather. Delicate embroideries made from sequins leather paillettes, attached piece by piece by hand, custom made accessories made in Italy , are defining the Wild Inga bags. Manufacturing is entirely made in Romania, crafted by the most experienced master artisans. All items are produced in limited quantities and controlled in-house.

She builds her fairytale creations using classic designs, precious materials, whilst always maintaining a form of sophistication.  

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