Words of positivity from the Scoop team

Here are some messages from the Scoop team just to say we are all thinking about you and your families.

Karen Radley, Founder and Managing Director

I do hope you are keeping safe and well and that we all can stay connected during these unusual times.
If you need to get in touch, have a chat, or just want to say hello - we are all here for you.
Maria Pahlavan-Crosby, Event Director

Let’s use our time to stay connected with each other, check in on each other and make sure one another is ok. Small gestures can change the world, one kind word can change someone’s day. Kindness is a gift everyone can afford to give. Let compassion move you, let kindness guide you.

Dean Chambers, Customer Success Administrator

Don’t underestimate the power of visualisation, spend some time during this down time to imagine your end goal. Write it down and put it somewhere prominent that you will be able to see every day. Because what you visualise will materialise.

Sadie Harlow, Sales Executive

Although we may not see any positivity in this now, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel soon. Hopefully this experience will help us realise what we enjoy doing, what we once took for granted and unlock some hidden hobbies we never knew we were great at!

Nikki Gowlett, Senior Operations Manager

Use the time you have gained back from not having to commute to work every day to do something productive – I am now practising yoga every morning which sets me up really well for the day both physically and mentally which is really important in these challenging times. And why not put the money you are saving from not commuting into a savings account so you can treat yourself to some new clothes or a holiday once we can get out and about again.

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