I lived in Hong Kong at that time, working with production and sourcing for other brands.

I am delighted to interview Malina who has been with us from the almost the first Scoop show!  Can you tell us a bit about what lead to the decision to found By Malina.

I lived in Hong Kong at that time, working with production and sourcing for other brands. When we decided to move back to Europe after four years, I really didn’t want to take a job at a big fashion brand, and I was longing to use all my knowledge and hard work in China to create something that was my own. At that time Scandinavian fashion was extremely monochromic and androgyne, black & white! I wanted to do something totally different that didn’t exist at the market and something that reflected my life and style.

Do you have a fashion background?

Yes, I studied at Beckmans in Stockholm and did one year Fashion at Parsons in NYC.

When you design the By Malina collection  - how are you influenced?

I love to travel, meet new people and experience different cultures so I always base my collection on destinations. The dream of being on the coast of the Mediterranean or dreaming of strolling around Miami Beach. Since the weather in Scandinavia is what it is… This is always a good way to get our customers inspired and feel a little international vibe. The nature, flowers and different people I meet inspire me when I design the prints.

When did you launch Mini Malina?

Did you have anyone in mind here…..Not really, there was a high demand on the mothers shopping By Malina to match their kids. Being a mother it is always fun to apply my design to the little ones. But to be honest it’s more fun than profitable

Do you have a fashion designer or icon who has inspired you?

I was really inspired of what Tom Ford did for Gucci at 1995, I still remember the collection, bright & bold colours, velvet and silk, allot of mixed materials. Now I love the bohemian look of Chloe and Prada, I think they really did a revival, colour everywhere, obviously I love that!

Is there a signature look for By Malina ?

For summer, I would say a flowy printed maxi dress, oversized blazer with sandals and an envelope bag under the arm!

Who would you say is your By Malina customer?

We have customers in all ages, from students- to their mothers. But our biggest customer group is 25-45.

If a woman was to own just one item from your collection - which one would you suggest and why? I would buy a maxi dress. For me its just perfect for work with a denim jacket, heels to a party, or sandals for the beach, it works everywhere. Now Im in love and so proud of our Resort collection, we just launched it online now. I would choose Grazia dress. https://www.bymalina.com/en/1-new-now/grazia-dress#

Do you have any words of positivity to share with our Scoop readers?

Sometimes it feels very shallow “just” to work with fashion. But I love what I do, and its important to do what you love, you only live once, enjoy it!