Karen Radley catches up with Josephine Banks from The Seated Queen for our latest edition of “My City” Interviews

Favourite neighbourhood in Peckham:

We split our time between Wiltshire and Peckham and I adore the total contrast. Bellenden Road has some lovely restaurants and boutiques, but Rye Lane will always have my heart. You can literally buy anything.


Favourite place for brunch:

Mr Bao for its incredible Taiwanese steamed buns.


Best coffee in Peckham:

There are some strong contenders, but Nola is my current favourite


Favourite gallery or museum:

There are so many, I love how the scene is constantly evolving. Hannah Barry, and Bold Tendencies is an incredible space, I also love wandering around the South London Gallery at the weekend. The joy of Peckham is all the tiny indie art galleries and studios dotted around.


Tell us a secret:

The Middle Eastern store Persepolis is not only a treasure trove for all manner of things, but it also has an excellent hidden café.


Favourite place to shop:

In addition to Persepolis, The General Store, the most beautifully curated deli you can imagine


Favourite place to find inspiration:

The spot where William Blake has a vision of an angel on Peckham Rye, obviously!


Best Peckham destination for a date:

Peckham Bazaar – a brilliant restaurant that specializes in Balkan home cooking, then catch a film at independent cinema Peckham Multiplex, followed by Bussey Building for cocktails.


Favourite park in Peckham:

Peckham Rye Park, it’s huge. I remember when we first moved to Peckham and being surprised by how expansive it is, and how many hidden areas there were. You can find total peace.


Favourite food market:

Rye Lane, you can literally buy any fruit or veg you can think of (or have never heard of)


Your sanctuary in Peckham:

Peckham Rye Park – the gardens are so beautifully kept, definitely worth getting lost in. It reminds me of the parks in Tokyo.


What inspires you?

Avebury stones in Wiltshire  - it’s a place that makes me feel incredibly grounded, and never fails to clear the mind


This season I’m loving:

Using the summer months to scale back my skincare routine to soothing essentials – a rotation of our cold cream cleanser, serum and oil, and ditch the makeup as much as possible.