Karen Radley meets Lucy Macnamara

Karen Radley meets Aspigas founder - Lucy Macnamara for our latest “My City” Interviews

Favourite neighbourhood in London:

Clapham Old Town, its where I live and I love it there, it has lots of good restaurants and Clapham Common where I walk the dogs every morning.   It also has a wonderful food market at the weekend on Venn Street.


Favourite place for brunch:

The Wolsely , always such a treat.


Best coffee in London:  

Sendero, my local independent coffee shop , they grind their own coffee and make compositable coffee pods you can buy for home (they have never closed for a day since they opened four years ago) they have now four shops.


Favourite gallery or museum:

I think it has to be the V & A.


Tell us a secret:

Vivienne Westwood once overtook me bicycling up the hill to where I live, she was a neighbour of mine…


Favourite place to shop:

New Covent Garden Flower market,  I cant stop myself from going regularly… I love flowers.


Favourite place to find inspiration:

East London and Brick Lane.


Best London destination for a date:

A bike ride along the south bank and stopping in any of the pubs along the route or dinner or lunch in The Shard.


Favourite park in London:

Battersea Park and Green Park (I love all the trees)


Favourite food market:

Borough Market, it’s a class act, I can spend hours there but as mentioned above Venn Street Market is brilliant too.


Your sanctuary in London:

Walking the dogs in Battersea Park early evening and finishing with a drink or dinner at Battersea Power Station.


What inspires you?

The vibrancy and creativity of the City, the mix of culture and the arts. 


This season I’m loving:

Spring, always my favoruite with all the blossom.