Karen Radley is the founder and managing director of women's contemporary fashion trade show Scoop, which is back at London Olympia on 11-13 February 2024.

Karen Radley is the founder and managing director of women's contemporary fashion trade show Scoop, which is back at London Olympia on 11-13 February 2024. Radley is known for her attention to detail, expert curation skills and for surprising and delighting visitors with unexpected experiences. She tells us what she has planned fo the next edition of the show and why she just loves pulling together a trade show.

Scoop has a very specific DNA as a show, can you explain it to us?

Celebrating ‘the new’ and shall we say, wonderful, has been Scoop’s raison d’etre since day dot. Our curation of premium contemporary collections ensures a journey of discovery for buyers, all within the beautiful environment we create each season. There is always something new and exciting around every corner at Scoop.


You are back at Olympia in February, can you tell us why this is the best place for Scoop?

Being born and bred in London I have a deep-rooted love for it. Olympia and Kensington are up and coming with exciting developments on the horizon and Notting Hill, which is just a stone’s throw away, is a hub for fashion and a lovely place to find inspiration.


What do you personally love about Scoop?

What I love about Scoop is bringing buyers and visitors together over a glass of champagne within our iconic creative atmosphere. I am delighted that we have the best international buying teams joining us this season.


What do you love about doing a trade show?

The freedom to dress the show and to create a beautiful environment that is unlike any other show, an atmosphere that inspires and making it the perfect place to buy.



Can you tell me about the theme you have chosen this season, 'Return to Wonderment'?

Wonder is something that's felt scarce lately as we navigate a very challenging world. But it's something we all need to cultivate and enjoy. A sense of wonder at the ordinary and the extraordinary. Every season at Scoop, we handpick a selection of designers that bring joy and wonder in their own unique way. So, this coming season, we're calling it a Return to Wonderment. It's a celebration of visionaries, tastemakers, and extraordinary craftsmanship. A defiant nod to opulence and beauty in the face of challenges.


Are you excited about who is coming on board this season?

Really happy so far with the line-up, it’s terribly exciting. We have gorgeous collections from lots of new designers including The New Society, Diega, Stoney Clover Lane, Kirstie Le Marque and oh so many more.


Who are you looking forward to seeing at Scoop this year?

We have an incredible VIP hosted buyers programme and I’m thrilled that buying teams from the best Independents across UK and Ireland as well as all the big department stores and international retailers from across the world have already registered to visit, making the show much more international this season.



The experience of Scoop is always so pleasant, what have you got planned for this season?

It’s six months of planning to ensure Scoop is the fun experience (full of wonderment!) that our visitors and designers have come to expect from us. This season we will be bringing the Victorian inspired theme to life and you can be sure to expect some surprises revealed on the day!


There’s no doubt the market is tough out there for fashion, but there are always those bucking the trend, what are you hearing from retailers about how they are navigating market conditions at the moment? 

Yes, it’s tough out there, however our retailers are resilient and creative and have always adapted to market conditions. They’ve been here before and they’re in business for the long run. I look forward to seeing them at the show.


What are you personally most looking forward to for the February show?

I always look forward to the opening morning, when everything comes together and meeting the lovely buyers and designers at Scoop.